Posted by: Jessica | January 23, 2012

Making it count- my last three months in Peace Corps

Last Friday, I got a shocking text and then a phone call from my APCD Claudia, saying that my Close of Service date had been moved up from September 15 to April 30.  This means I will have 5 months less to complete the projects, camps, trainings, and community improvements I had planned.  While I was, and still am, very upset about this news, I’m trying to keep in mind that 3 months is more time to wrap everything up than the volunteers in Honduras had…

In light of my group’s new COS date, I decided to make a campo bucket list.  I realize I can’t do everything I wanted to do when I thought I was leaving in September, but in order to not drive myself crazy, I decided to prioritize.  Here goes:


1. Cut sugarcane with my neighbor Lena

2. Take another tour of the local sugar processing plant with youth from El Pital

3. Lead my new service youth group in painting a world map at our school, and educating them in HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive health.

4. Give a toothbrushing workshop to second and third grade students using donated toothbrushes and paste.

5. Support two local youth with $100 scholarships to matriculate at the national agricultural university.

6. Help my friend and neighbor Maria write out a business plan for her new bread-making small business.  If possible, I would love to find her funding to buy the supplies she still needs, but as I can no longer submit the grant I was writing to WorldConnect, this is looking less likely.

7. Realize at least one of the two camps I had previously planned on attending with youth from my community.

8. Keep teaching my mish-mosh yoga/pilates/dance classes at least once a week.

9. Help get one last $500 grant for my ADESCO to help repair their failing water supply system.

10.  Give a workshop in harvesting and drying Ojushe to the women interested in my community.

11. Spend an afternoon with all of the families that have given me support and friendship for the past year and a half.

12.  Eat lots of mangoes.  Lots and lots of mangoes. 🙂


Maybe this list is too ambitious, but I’ sure going to try to cross off every item before April 30.  Then it will be time to plan out the next chapter of my life in El Salvador.



  1. Jessica,

    I like your plan. Is there some way I can help the bread making lady with some money to get supplies? I don’t know how to make sure the money gets to you. I have a pay pal account and can make a bank transfer to you if you have an account. Let me know what is best. I loved bread making when I did it and occasionally think about doing it again. It’s just that it’s just me here and I don’t eat much bread. Nothing beats homemade bread!

    Stay safe. I’m sure the Peace Corps just wants to make sure you stay that way.

    Lindsey will be having her baby soon! So exciting. Matthew’s boys are doing great-crazy active.

    You are in my prayers.

    Love, Aunt Charlene

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