Posted by: Jessica | October 7, 2010

Here’s the wish list with addresses!!!

So some of my lovely friends and family have been asking what they can send me, so here’s a little list to start, but truthfully I’ll be excited to get anything, even just a card with a photo- people in my site love seeing pictures of my friends and family from back home!  My address is: PCV Jessica Henry, Lista de Correos, Chalchuapa, Santa Ana, El Salvador

Wish list in progress:

Polaroid camera & film

REI: Sea to summit brand camp shower

Simplicity or other brand clothing patterns (from Jo-ann fabrics) simple skirts and dresses, women’s purse patterns

acrylic paints/paintbrushes

colorful permanent markers (especially metallics)

breakdance/ballet/ hip hop dance videos, posters, music, etc.

blank CD’s/DVD’s

almond extract, chocolate chips & butterfinger candy  (all impossible to find here or really expensive!)

friendship bracelet thread/beads/buttons

*** here’s the tricky part:  if you’re sending anything valued over $25 or so and it’s in a box, it’s best to send it care of my friends at the American Embassy.  It’s a government address, so the packages are more secure in transit.  I can’t publish that address, so please shoot me an email/ FB message or text message and I’ll send that address to you

***if what you’re sending is valued at less than $25, or for any type of letter or padded envelope, please send it to me in my site at:

Jessica Henry PCV, Lista de Correos, Chalchuapa, Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Thank you!!!!



  1. Hi my sweetest girl;
    Always on my mind wishing you the happiest and safest of journeys. Please send me address to mail package to you. Will mail to your friends.
    Love Dad

    Will call this week!

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