Posted by: Jessica | September 9, 2010

7 Weeks later?

I know…. I’ve had terrible, terrible blogger guilt for weeks about not writing, and honestly, after the first few weeks, I didn’t know where to even start: so much had happened, and I couldn’t possibly write it all!

Later today I’ll have my final language interview to determine my level (novice, intermediate, advanced) and sublevel (low, med. high)  At my first interview I tested above the min. required level (intermediate-mid.), but im hoping I’ve improved enough to test as intermediate-high, or maybe even advanced-low…. 🙂  We’ll see

Also today comes our site assignments, finally!  I honestly have no idea where I’ll be living, besides what my APCD let slip in my first interview- it makes me a little crazy that she knew exactly where she wanted to put me and she just wouldn’t tell me, but that’s the process.  What she did say two weeks ago was that it’s a site that has only had male volunteers in the past, and she thought I was the best female candidate to show the community that women can be strong and effective volunteers- a tall order to fill!

For now, I’m going to go study for the last hour I have before my interview, hopefully I’ll be able to post more later today!



  1. i know i am late in reading your blog, i just recently got it from your dad; i am amazed by your many experiences and know that you will bring such goodness to those you meet and help; you know that you have a big family back here pulling for you. Take care and believe in yourself – we do. 🙂

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