Posted by: Jessica | July 21, 2010

Made it!

Hi! I made it into San Salvador this morning at 5:40am, and now I’m settled at our hotel in San Vincente after our bumpy bus ride and orientation classes that lasted until 1pm today.  I really like everyone in my group so far, and this country is beautiful!!!  Tons of mountains and volcanoes that we could see on our landing in the plane- everything here is tropical green and lush, and it’s so hot!!  Amazingly, we have A/C in our hotel- we really lucked out here… We’ll be here for two more days, and then we’ll move to our temporary host family sites around San Vincente.  More updates soon…



  1. Glad the travels went well. Savor and enjoy the A/C while you can. We can’t wait to see pictures you post. That’s great news that you like the group. Our heat index in Venice was 105 – 110 today. I checked the weather for San Vincente and it looks pretty good compared to what you endured in MD recently. The sunrise is at 5:38 AM and set us 6:27- wow.

    Walt Disney said: “All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage…” I’m so glad you have the courage and that yours are coming true!

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